Marmota Marmota


Special evening walk

First we walked into a pasture. The dog was off-leash, because I was sure the pasture would be empty. Well, it was not.

Kali encountered free running horses for the first time, before she only met coach horses.

They got along quite fine, after Kali tried to chase the big black one at  first. But I was still glad when we had a fence between us again…

Then we met some sheep.

And some cattle.

A cow with her own calf and an adopted younger calf.

Moments before the Chase

We went to see Kali’s friend, the Saarloos Wolfhond Cheney two days ago.

The family also has three cats. One of which was sitting in the garden when we got there.

I wanted to take a photo of Pan, just in the moment that Kali ran after him.

Pan ran into the barn a couple of meters away and was safe there, and I recalled Kali. She’s still learning that cats outside are the same as our own cats and thus mustn’t be hunted. She did fine the rest of the day.

Motta Palousa

Last Sunday, I decided to take Kali for a hike.

The destination: Motta Palousa [Caterpillar Hill]

This little bird followed us quite some time, hopping from tree to tree.

I haven’t been up this part of the mountains in nearly 10 years. I forgot how beautiful it is.

It was way steeper than it looks on this photo!

Such a happy happy happy dog!

On the sheep alp…

Nearly there…

Two and half hours later!

The dog is tired. Finally!

Fridgeless Raw Feeding III

This is the last part of our fridgeless raw feeding experiment. The first two parts can be found here and here.

The last half chicken has now been buried for 15 days. This is what it looks like just fresh from the ground.

The grass, by the way, has been in the hole for 5 days and still looks a lovely green. So that keeps good in there as well.

As you can’t really see much of the chicken with all that dirt on (note to self: use more grass to cover the meat next time) I washed this one.

The dog can’t wait. It has to smell delicious for canine noses.

And that’s what half a chicken looks like, after 15 days in an earth hole. There’s still some dirt on in, but you get the idea.

And the other side:

It does attract tons of flies.

But it has become Kali’s new favourite food. And she gives 4 paws up for meat holes!