Garden Dormouse

On my evening walk with Kali we came across this little one.

It’s a dead Garden Dormouse – Eliomys quercinus.

The name Garden Dormouse doesn’t really fit them, though.

They don’t live in gardens. Their main habitat is the forest.

They’re also not mice. They don’t belong to the Myomorpha, or mouse-like rodents. They belong to the family Gliridae, which is most probably closer related to squirrels.

They are sometimes refered to as “night squirrels”. Maybe because of their tail, which looks slightly like a squirrel’s tail. (Well, not really, but at least it looks more like a squirrel tail than a mouse tail…)
It should look like this:

The one I found had this tail:

All that remained of its tail are the vertebrae. No skin. No fur.

It also seems as if the tail was like this for quite some time, as the spine is rigid and dried.

It probably lost the tail to a fox,  pretty much the only predator we have up here. And it still managed to run away from the fox with an injured tail.


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