Fridgeless Raw Feeding II

After a week up in the mountains we ran out of dog food today. So we could finally check how good meat keeps in earth holes.

We don’t have any predators apart from foxes up here. If you have to make a meat hole in places with big predators – dig deeper and use bigger stones to cover it.

Things still look good under the stones and grass pieces… I only saw a few worms, nothing really special that would show there’s two chicken and a chunk of tripe buried down there.

And there it is! The first Chicken to see daylight after a week underground! It is covered in soil, obviously, but you can quite easily brush it off and the dog won’t really mind a bit of dirt. If you prefer clean meat, wrap it into some fabric.

The chicken looks good. It smells some, but not as bad as I expected. Kali will like it this way, I think. Canine seasoning.

For today, though, I took out the chunk of tripe. That one I buried with some plastic bag between the chicken and the tripe, to prevent all the chicken smelling of tripe. Meat should not be buried closed in plastic. Next time I’ll simply make a second hole for the organ meats…
Tripe always stinks, that’s why dogs love it so much. It does stink more after a week of ripening. But it’s still bearable. If you’re used to raw fresh tripe, this smell won’t kill you. If you are not used to fresh tripe, I would not recommend this.

Kali in any case really enjoyed it. She doesn’t usually do gorge meals, but as she only got a tiny duck neck yesterday, she ate nearly two day’s worth of food today.

You can see the flies on this photo. The tripe attracted masses of them. I’m still trying to get rid of them, two hours later.

If you ever feed tripe that has been in an earth hole – feed it away from your place. As far away as possible.


Read part three HERE.


5 thoughts on “Fridgeless Raw Feeding II

    • Thanks! I wouldn’t store it in the ground either, if we had an alternative. But it’s good to know it works well, if we ever need it again.

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  2. Well after all, dogs frequently store food in the ground themselves :-) ! Still, I have been following your experiment with interest. Our own ancestors probably preserved meat in much the same way at times, for themselves as well as their dogs.

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