A Weekend with Shar Pei Friends

We had two Shar Pei friends on a visit this weekend!

Great fun, lots of walks, hiking, good food, good company.

This is 3 year old Scooby! Very sweet boy who’d love to hunt marmots with Kali.

And Scooby’s sisterdog 8 year old Bao!

Flying Super Pei!

Marmot hunting is much more fun in teams! So Kali and Scooby had to stay on long lines on our hike. They cannot yet be trusted around marmots together. ;)


The Three Musketeers!

And we even found some snow up in the mountains.

Beautiful Bao!

Leg Grevasalvas 2390m.


How amazing is this view?!

At the edge of the world…

Both Scooby and Kali have some difficulties with new dogs. This is the 4th time they’ve met and they already lie under one table together, with Bao splitting.

With enough space and time, they now get along very well. The Power of Positive Dog Training!


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