Dressed in Autumn Colours


The Last Big Hike…

…for this year.

Winter will come soon. And the mountains are nearly too cold for hikes already.

The route;

Bildschirmfoto 2013-09-28 um 10.25.24

Distance: 18.6km – Ascent: 1221m – Descent: 841m

Bildschirmfoto 2013-09-28 um 10.32.58

Starting point; Mulegns, 1486m.

Piz Platta

Tibetan Prayer flags! :)

This is a Vioula!
Legends say in past times you could find Vioulas in the Val Faller (Valley of Faller). Vioulas are beautiful and powerful wild women who live in the forest and undergrowth and hunt game. Occasionally they’ll also catch and eat little children who wander the forests alone.

Piz Platta

Small game refugee. It’s illegal to hunt small game behind this point.

The path we took…

Piz Forbesch (= Mount Scissor)

Kali looks good in Autumn Colours.

Val Gronda (= Big Valley). Beautiful, isn’t it?

Found some snow!

Highest point of the route.

Yes, it was cold.

Awfully cold.

But the view was astonishing!

Sitting at the Edge of the World!

We encountered a Mountain Hare. Amazing! I never saw a wild one before!

Well, Kali never met one before either, so decided to hunt it. When she came back, she had a small cut on a front paw, and quite a big cut on this paw:

She wouldn’t walk on, so I had to carry her part of the way…

Gladly she’s only 14kg.

Fuorcla Starlera. Love the high mountain lakes…

Piz Forbesch, from the other side, now in Val Curtegns.

We even passed through a cow herd. And Kali did very well!

Finished!! 7:46 hours and a cut paw later we’re finished.