Home again

Monday night I took the airplane from Zurich to Muscat, Oman. Dinner was fine (I watched Trance while eating curry & rice), baby crying was thankfully reduced to a minimum (although we had at least 4 babies on board) and sleeping was… well, kinda okay. We saw the sun rising when flying towards Muscat, but the pictures don’t really show it well. So have one from the Gulf of Oman and what I think is part of Muscat.

Then I spent about six hours at MCT airport. Which was, in all truth, horrible. I couldn’t find any comfortable place to get some sleep, so tried to curl on those chairs at the airport – something that might be used as a torture method somewhere. Being in the desert, they also had the air conditioning running. And I was freezing cold after the first hour of changing from one bloody uncomfortable sleeping position to the next. At least I had remembered to “borrow” a blanket from the airplane.

Made it to midday somehow and finally got to board the next airplane. It’s amazing how you don’t even need to be in Nepal to get the Nepal feeling again. I had to laugh when they opened boarding and all the small Nepalis ran to the desk as fast as they could. So much pushing and cutting in line, very typical for Nepal.

And the spitting. Although I don’t know how, but I totally forgot about all the spitting.

We made it to Nepal safely (food wasn’t as good on this flight, but I got some more sleep) just in time to see the sun set while flying into Kathmandu Valley.

I saw the sea and the mountains. I saw the sun rise and set.

It was a good journey. I’m glad to be home again.


Wülli waiss, dass d’Onda Hedi scho letztmol begaisteret mini Bus-Abentüür in Nepal verfolgt hät, gits de (oder das) Blog jetzt au zwaisprochig. ;)

Mäntig obig bini endlich wider (sind jo mittlerwila scho über zwai Johr her) richtig Kathmandu ufbrocha. I bin ewigs z’früah am Flughafa gsi, wülli nüm han wella dihai warta. Am obig am 10ni ischs denn au endlich los ganga. Flug isch okay gsi; ds Essa isch fain gsi, d’Babies (mind. 4 an Board) sind maistens tiptop ruhig gsi, i han an recht guata Film gseh (Trance, falles öppert interessiert) und biz was könna schlofa.

(Ds ersta Foti isch vor Landig in Muscat, Oman. D’Sunna isch grad am ufgoh gsi. Cool hä?)

Zwüschastop isch nit sehr ahgnem gsi. Es hät kain Platz kah woma sich hätti könna zum schlofa analega, also bini halt uf dena saumässig unbequema Stüahl hocka bliiba. Und han inda unmöglichsta und unbequemsta Positiona z’schlofa probiart.

I bin denn au huarra froh gsi, wos endlich Mittag gsi isch, und i han könna witerflüüga.

All das Vüradrängla am Boarding hät mi denn scho sehr an Nepal erinneret. Und au ds Spucka. Das hani aswia verdrängt kah. Aber ma gwöhnnt sich recht schnell wieder dra, dass di ganz Ziit und überall (au IM Flugzüüg!) an Boda gspuckt wird. Isch halt aifach so.

(S’zwaita Bild isch kurz vor de Landig in Kathmandu, wömer zum Sunnauntergang grad über d’Berga rund ums Kathmandu Valley flügend.)

I bin an ganza Tag lang unterwegs gsi (obwohls lut Rechning vor Fluggsellschaft aicht nur 16 Stund si söllend, aber I seg eu, dia lügend. Das isch nämlich locker an ganza Tag gsi…).
I han ds Meer Berga gseh.
I han gseh wia d’Sunna uf und wider unterganga isch.

Es isch a guati Rais gsi und I bin froh, wider dihai zii.


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