More fun with Bones



Alpine Ibex

Yesterday we saw this group of female ibex with their young. Kali was off-leash because I didn’t expect any ibex on this low altitude, but there they were, and of course she thought it was a good idea to start chasing them… Fortunately she turned around and came back before getting into trouble and we could observe the ibex wandering off.

Happy New Year 2071!

Happy belated Nepali New Year 2071!


(Nepal follows a lunisolar Hindu calendar used for both civil and religious purposes. The year begins in the month Baishakh; usually around 14 April. The official Nepali calendar follows Bikram Samwat, abbreviated B.S., said to have been started by mythical Indian emperor Vikramāditya. The B.S. year is 56.7 years ahead of the (western) Gregorian Calendar.

Source: Wikipedia)


Alpine Newt

On one of our walks last weekend, Kali and me encountered this little Alpine Newt on the streets.

He was a few minutes away from the lake they live in, so I picked him up and carried him over. This lake is only a lake in summer, it is drained in autumn and then used as a big parking space in winter (because we need a lot of space for cars in winter, but don’t want huge, unused concrete areas in summer. Pretty clever, eh?).

The lake is only now being filled with water again, so I put the newt down on some rocks, where he could go into the water himself and find shelter easily.