Alpine Newt II

On a recent walk, Kali discovered this little Alpine Newt. It was on its way to the river (I guess…), but due to the snow finally melting the water level was very high and the current was a lot stronger than usual.IMG_5339

So I picked it up and carried it over to the lake, where lots of newts spend their summer time. Kids swimming in the lake will often catch a few newts, keep them in a bucket of sorts and then release them back into the lake later.





We also came across this one later, in the middle of a really hot road.

It didn’t move when I picked it up first, which is why I could take a picture to show off their nice orange belly. I carefully wetted it and when it started to move around a little, I put it into the lake as well. Into a little puddle on a stone, where the water was shallow and pretty warm hoping it wouldn’t be too much of a shock to go from a hot street to a cold mountain lake. Maybe he’ll recover…



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