What we did last summer: Samira – the Unicorn

Samira – Sämi for short – was one of our dairy cows for the last summer. She’s a young Simmentaler cow.

Samira, in the centre, with some of our other Simmentaler and Rhaetian Grey cows


One day, Samira decided to climb the steep ridge on the side of the main plateau of the pasture. And as it turned out, that wasn’t a very good idea. She must’ve slipped and hit her head on the rocks. We saw her blood-smeared head when we were driving the cows back to the barn in the afternoon for the evening milking. She lost the dead horn and broke the bone core. Back at the barn we tied her up in her usual place, making sure the cows next to her couldn’t bother her, and called her owner and the vet. The vet decided it would be the best to take that horn off completely, so they sawed it off. And this is what the bone of a broken cow horn looks like:     Samira did recover fast. We kept her in the barn over-night to keep an eye on her and the next day she was already back out with the other cows. She’s a unicorn now.


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