What we did last summer: Kali – the Nepali Cattle Dog

Kali’s first evening on the alp: sharing some leftovers with co-worker dog Tosca. The beautiful Swiss Alps, on one of the few sunny days we had. During our rare, but well deserved afternoon naps, Kali keeps watch. Always need to keep an eye on tourists… Kali’s first time helping to drive the cows. I had her on a leash the first few times, because she was never around cattle like this before.


But she learned quickly… … could soon be sent after single cows. This one is Helen, the nastiest of all our cows.     She was fine with cows pretty soon, but goats are a whole different matter. Amanda is a beautiful Bündner Strahlenziege who belongs to the neighbour alp and came for a walk with us. She definitively did not want to play with Kali… Kali also joined me in counting and checkin on the heifers, who spent the summer free-ranging higher up in the mountains, over the pastures for the dairy cows. Sometimes also co-worker dog Tosca would come along. But checking on heifers is rather complicated with two dogs who’d rather hunt marmots. The heifers’ pasture grounds… Everything you can see on this side of the valley is theirs.


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