Swiss Hounds

At a recent hunting fair they had a presentation of different breeds used for hunting around here. We saw some beautiful dogs, especially a nice variety of our Swiss Hounds.

The Swiss hound comes in 4 colours and both the normal-legged type and a short-legged type which was created by crossing in Dachsbracken and Dachshunds.

These are Lucerne dogs, called Luzerner Laufhunde in German.

And these lovely black and tan dogs with the long ears are Jura hounds, Jura Laufhunde in German.

A very nice Schwyzer Hound.

And the last colour variety is the Bernese Hound, called Berner Laufhund:

Unfortunately they only had Bernese hounds of the short-legged type at the fair we call these Berner Niederlaufhunde. Aren’t they awesome little dogs? Unlike Basset hounds who are also a short-legged type of hound, these don’t have excess skin. They also have tight lips and clean eyes. They are not exagerated dogs, but useful hunting partners.

And the last two of these are indeed very special. They are wirehaired, a variety which is quite rare today.


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