In German we have the saying: Jagd ohne Hund ist Schund.

That roughly translates to: hunting without a dog is trash.

Today this mostly means that every hunter should have easy and fast access to a local tracking hound to find wounded game if he needs to. Not every hunter has the time and ressources to keep and train a blood tracking hound (what we call Schweisshund in German), nor does everyone want such a dog.

We have groups of hunters with specially trained dogs for this task, who will search for wounded game if a hunter doesn’t kill it on spot.

This is Ayla, a Bavarian Mountain Hound and working Schweisshund demonstrating her abilities at the hunting fair. Here she is getting her harness on, the sign that work starts now.

Her handler lets her find the starting point of the track on her own. She is worked on a loose leash, so that the handler doesn’t influence the dog even if the handler knows the track, as is the case in training situation.

Getting close..

…and found! In this task she was asked to follow a track of sprayed deer blood which led to a deer coat.

Isn’t she a beautiful dog?


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