Duck Chasing Adventure

Kali doesn’t swim. Usually. We made quite some progress in that regard, but she still doesn’t like to go into water deeper than her chest.

Unless there’s ducks, apparently.

This is the same couple of ducks that spent the whole winter around our village, I named them Anja and Vlad. When Kali saw them, she ran into the river, where it was rather wide and thus shallow. IMG_1788

When they took off, she found herself alone on the other side of the river. When I called her, she didn’t come, so we took off walking to a nearby bridge.


Unfortunately for Kali, the bridge was taken away just the day before, to prevent it from being distroyed by the high water we get each spring when the snow melts.


So after all this, she still had to cross the river again on her own.




Dummy Training Day

Back in early April I assisted during a fun day of dummy training for beginner dogs.

“Assisting” in this case means mostly throwing dummies and making sure the dogs don’t pick up a dummy they’re not supposed to pick up.

Kali was the “assistant dog”, which in her case means waiting in a stay on her blanket, which she generously shared with Bao, the Shar Pei. IMG_1804 IMG_1805

This pup really grew up in the last year or so… Never did I expect her to wait alone and calm while other dogs bark and run and retrieve so close to her. Good Dog!


IMG_1808 IMG_1806

A Walk with Shar Peis

Going for a walk with our Shar Pei friends is always exciting.

The first time we went on a walk, back in spring 2013, we had to keep at least 20meters distance between Kali and Scooby the entire time – Bao waited at home, because she really didn’t like Kali.

And look at these two girls now! Off-leash, sniffing together, all relaxed.IMG_1799

And to make that walk even more special, Scooby and Kali played together for the first time!

IMG_1800 IMG_1801

And later on, even Bao joined in! (Yes, this is actual playing here, even though they still keep a loooot of distance…)

IMG_1802 IMG_1803

Dogs walk for Nepal

We didn’t have much to write about recently, and when the earthquake shook Nepal we were busy otherwise

A dear dog trainer friend of us organized a fundraiser dog walk to benefit KAT, where I volunteered when I found Kali.


Kali on the far left, next to her friends Tschogga (who belongs to our dear dogsitter) and Balou. IMG_2003

Tschogga, Kali and the Yaktutian Laikas in the front.
1123 1124 1125

We were 8 people with 10 dogs any raised a total of 800 Swiss Francs to help KAT help the streetdogs and cats in Kathmandu Valley after the earthquake!


Tschogga, the streetdog from Portugal, and Kali, the streetdog from Nepal, walk together to help other streetdogs.