Stuff we like: Hurtta Win!

Back in spring we won this Folded Travel Bowl and some Racinel treats during a contest on Hurtta’s facebook page.


The treats contained some grain, but it didn’t seem too much so I gave them Kali, a few at a time. She really liked them and actually stole the second pack out of my training bag. Racinel is a Finnish business, so this is just a rough translation of the ingredient list I found online:
Meat and animal products (87% in total,  of that 73% cattle & 17% farmed game), oils and fats, minerals, cereals and products of plant origin
31% protein, 26% fat content, fiber content 2.5%, ash 9.5%, moisture content 30%


The Hurtta Travel Bowl is amazingly practical! I absolutely love it. It’s very lightweight (45gr according to Amazon) and holds up to a 1liter of water. It comes with a clip to attach it to your bag.
What I like about this bowl compared to the foldable plastic bowls we used on our hikes before, is that it folds up in itself. I don’t like stuff hanging losely from my training bag or backpack when hiking, so I’m glad I can just fold this one up and even if it’s still wet inside, I can just throw it in my backpack without having to worry about anything else getting wet.




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