Finally Winter





Thought it might be time to introduce the other critters of the house.

First off; Rashid-Na-Peak von Ruopigen. He ‘s a 7 year old Oriental Shorthair x Siamese. IMG_1102 DSC_0005-5 IMG_18352760 6325 IMG_4813 IMG_5245 IMG_5358

Stuff we like: Hurtta Win!

Back in spring we won this Folded Travel Bowl and some Racinel treats during a contest on Hurtta’s facebook page.


The treats contained some grain, but it didn’t seem too much so I gave them Kali, a few at a time. She really liked them and actually stole the second pack out of my training bag. Racinel is a Finnish business, so this is just a rough translation of the ingredient list I found online:
Meat and animal products (87% in total,  of that 73% cattle & 17% farmed game), oils and fats, minerals, cereals and products of plant origin
31% protein, 26% fat content, fiber content 2.5%, ash 9.5%, moisture content 30%


The Hurtta Travel Bowl is amazingly practical! I absolutely love it. It’s very lightweight (45gr according to Amazon) and holds up to a 1liter of water. It comes with a clip to attach it to your bag.
What I like about this bowl compared to the foldable plastic bowls we used on our hikes before, is that it folds up in itself. I don’t like stuff hanging losely from my training bag or backpack when hiking, so I’m glad I can just fold this one up and even if it’s still wet inside, I can just throw it in my backpack without having to worry about anything else getting wet.



The Pooping Dog

Many years ago, long before I met Kali, my dad and me saw this little statue of a pooping dog on a market in Italy. It’s obviously a very special thing, but the vendor was asking too much for our budget. We kinda regretted that for years now. Who can say he has a statue of a pooping dog?

Anyway, this summer my dad went back to that same village again, and the Pooping Dog was still there! And the asked price was much lower, so he didn’t hesitate a minute.

And here it is, our Pooping Dog!

IMG_3960 IMG_3965