Grumpy Cat for President

and legalizing pot.


Don’t pack the Cat

I’m leaving for Berlin tomorrow, to visit friends I met in Kathmandu!

Kali will stay home with my dad, so I prepared her raw food for this week to make it easier for him to feed her.

First some tripe


Scapula cartilage


Rabbit bone pieces and a mix of liver, heart & kidney.


Argentinian beef, because my dad ordered too much for the restaurant.


She’ll also get a big turkey neck today before I leave. In hope it keeps her busy for some time.

The cats of course also stay home, although they’d much rather join the adventure.


I’ll miss my three troublemakers for sure. But we’ll skype and the week will be over way too soon…

I’m so looking forward to see my friends again tomorrow. It has been way too long since we last met!